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A group program for overwhelmed & exhausted mamas craving more

energy, calm, and vibrant well-being.  

A 4-week holistic herbalism group program for mamas

starting September 26th.

Doors are closing! 

Registration closes 9/24



You feel overwhelmed with the heap of responsibilities and expectations on your plate. You’re wearing so many hats these days, mom, teacher, chef, partner, co-worker, that you can't even remember the last time you had a moment to connect with yourself. 


And the stress, anxiety, and fatigue is starting to take a toll on your sleep, your mood, your energy, and your parenting. 


You know something needs to change, but you’re not sure how to get back on track. You want to feel like your old self again, but you’re just so damn overwhelmed and exhausted.  


Mama, you are at the root from which your family grows and blossoms.


I know it's bananas right now. You've got SO much on your plate. 


But your family, friends, and community are yearning for you to show up as your full vibrant self. 


That doesn't happen unless you're nourishing yourself. 


And I don’t mean a bubble bath or glass of wine in the evening (although those are nice).


I’m talking about creating daily rituals and personal practices that restore your vitality and transform the way you show up for yourself. And this is where herbal medicine really shines! 


It’s time you put a system in place for nourishing yourself so you can wake up feeling rested, parent with calm and presence, feel clear-headed and focused when you’re working, and actually connect with your partner in the evening. 


Let me show you how!


  • Feel empowered and make wiser decisions based on your new knowledge & understanding of what’s happening in your body, heart, and mind. 

  • Deepen your commitment to personal wellbeing and transform how you nourish and care for yourself.

  • Learn how to infuse herbal medicine into your daily routine so you can feel like your vibrant self again.

  • Get more sleep so you have the energy to play tag with your kid, plan an epic adventure, and do the things you love most.

  • Build your resiliency and replenish your reserves, so when a sleep-regression or toddler tantrum hits, you have the bandwidth to parent with patience, presence, and calm.

  • Let the tiny annoyances (like when your toddler pulls down a shelf of books or your partner leaves another dirty dish on the table) roll off your back rather than stack up. 

  • Strengthen your mama’s intuition and learn how to trust yourself more easily.

  • Connect with a community of down to earth mamas to support and inspire you.


  • Create time to enjoy the little moments and small joys with your family each day.


  • You might even find time to sip a hot cup of coffee or tea every once in a while! 


“When I started working with Beth I felt completely chaotic, like I was unable to take care of my basic needs: eating, drinking, sleeping. Working with Beth was the encouragement I needed to begin prioritizing healthy practices that have now become routine. The support is very powerful. Now I have a go-to protocol for getting back on track during a chaotic time.”

“As a busy mom battling a chronic health condition, I felt overwhelmed when it came to prioritizing my wellbeing. Beth deftly zeroed in on critical deficiencies that were holding me back from feeling my best. Her individualized action plan was easy to follow and adopt into my daily life, and I quickly saw how much better my days were when I was taking care of the basics.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Beth’s practice to everyone! She’s more than an herbalist, she has been a great life coach for me. My energy has increased while my body pain has decreased. I feel a level of joy I haven’t felt in my life because my body is now aligned with my mind.”

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In this 4-week group program, you’ll learn how to transform the way you nourish yourself by replenishing the core foundation of your well-being through holistic herbal medicine. 


This includes working deeply with plants for healing, learning about your mind, body, heart, and spirit so you can make empowered decisions, release old habits that are no longer working, and create new rituals and lifestyle changes that radically shift the way you show up for yourself.


You’ll receive a potent and magical package of herbs to work with during the program. Each week you’ll deepen your connection and understanding of herbal medicine by working with one specific plant while putting into practice that week's lesson.


We’ll cover the following topics:




Sleep is the foundation of emotional, physical, mental & spiritual well-being. We begin by focusing on holistic strategies and herbal medicine for supporting better sleep.


Learn how to create a sleep routine that actually works for you, so you can fall asleep with ease and wake up feeling rested when your alarm goes off in the morning. 


The early years of parenting are filled with crappy interrupted sleep. Learn strategies for navigating your child's sleep regression, so you can have more energy, feel clear-headed, and support yourself with confidence during this challenging time.  


Learn how to craft a medicinal cup of tea so you can start working with the plants. Put the holistic strategies you learn into action so you can get more sleep and finally feel like yourself again.


Parenting during these times has brought your stress and anxiety to a whole new level. Learn tools to soothe your nervous system and decrease your stress & anxiety level so you can parent with more ease and calm.  


Learn how stress impacts your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well-being. Deepen your understanding of what’s happening in the body when you experience stress so you can make wise empowered decisions during stressful moments. 


Put into place new practices and tools for building your resiliency and capacity to handle the next curve ball life throws at you. 


Learn how to work with herbal medicine to create more calm, banish mind-chatter and strengthen your nervous system.  




Patch up your boundaries and free up valuable time, energy, and space to focus on the things that light you up. Learn to reclaim and protect your boundaries so you can say no with ease and grace.


Learn how to work with flower essences and spirit medicine to connect deeply with your intuition, your senses, and what you need most to thrive. Work with flower essences to support you in reclaiming your boundaries.



Learn how to holistically rebuild your vitality in a way that sustains you instead of drains you. Put new practices into place to help bring your body into balance. 


Increase your capacity to adapt and become more resilient by working with herbal adaptogens. Learn how to incorporate herbal medicine into your food and cooking so you can whip up healing soups, medicinal energy-boosting snacks, and kid-approved herbal recipes.  



“One of the most powerful aspects of working with Beth is the space she holds during the sessions. Talking about one’s mind, body and spirit can be heavy, and I was struck by how supported, seen, and nurtured I felt. Through careful and skillful inquiry, Beth discovered patterns and gaps in my health and self-care routines that were blind spots for me. Her guidance not only set me on a better path, but also empowered me to carry on these practices myself once our sessions were completed.”

“Beth helped me be more aware of how I'm feeling, what affects my emotional & physical self, and led me to see what actions I needed to take to feel happy. She helped me see I needed a change at work. I took the leap and went from a job I was at for 11 years and landed a new position that matches my skill set, where I no longer feel undervalued.”

“Thank you for offering your online workshop. I learned a lot about how to use different herbs, mindfulness practices, and adjust daily routines to better regulate my nervous system and nurture my body. Just listening to you and being a part of this workshop was a big shift in that mindset for me. So far, I have loved and learned a lot at every single workshop you have offered. Looking forward to more!”




  • Four 75-min live group classes over zoom + replay. We meet for 4 weeks on Saturdays from 10-11:15 am. Classes will be recorded and you'll have access to the replay for the duration of the group.

    • Week 1 - 9/26: Restore your Sleep 

    • Week 2 - 10/3: Reduce your Stress

    • Week 3 - 10/10: Reclaim your Boundaries

    • Week 4 - 10/17: Rebuild your Energy


  • Herb of the Week: A package of herbal remedies for you to work with each week to support you in deepening your understanding of the plants and how to nourish yourself. This package of hand-crafted organic herbal remedies will be shipped to your door for your convenience. 


  • Access to worksheets, handouts, and herbal medicine guides to supplement and deepen your learning.


  • Focused weekly skill-building assignments to help put the practices you’ve learned into action. 


  • Private Facebook community for support, accountability, and guidance during the program.


  • Option to purchase additional herbal remedies from my private apothecary with a 20% discount.


  • Option to purchase 1:1 herbal consultations at a discounted rate.




Last day to register

Thur 9/24

Investment: $200

2 Scholarship Spots Available

I believe in this work and want to make this program accessible to mamas experiencing financial hardship at this time. I’m offering two scholarship spots at $100, with priority going to BIWOC.


If you’re interested in joining Mama Medicine and it’s not within your financial means send me an email at




Beth Sachnoff, of Wild Child Apothecary, is an herbalist, educator and mama to two spirited little girls.


After a not so pretty case of post-partum exhaustion, Beth turned to the plants to support her in slowing down, nourishing her fried nervous system and getting to the root cause of why she kept burning out.


Now Beth help's sleep-deprived mama's replenish their reserves so they can have more energy, be more present and finally feel like themselves again through 1:1 herbal wellness programs & group classes.

Trained as clinical western herbalist, Beth believes in the healing and transformative magic of slow plant medicine and the wise way's of our bodies.  

Learn more about Beth's work at

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