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  • Herbal Remedies for the 4th Trimester & Beyond
    Thu, Mar 12
    Grey Goods
    During the extended postpartum period, the plants can provide much needed nurturing while you do the momentous work of caring for your family. Learn how herbal medicine can help promote calm, increase milk supply, support restful sleep, boost energy and more.
  • Wild Weeds of Spring
    Fri, Feb 28
    The Rec Room Berkeley
    A family-friendly herbal medicine & salve making class. In this clas we'll taste, touch, smell and learn about the medicinal uses of common garden plants, wild weeds, and our local native plants.
  • Mama Medicine: Herbs to Reduce Stress
    Sat, Feb 01
    A special FREE class for mamas! In this class, we'll explore how stress affects your mind, body, and heart. Learn how herbal medicine can help promote calm, clear mind-chatter, and strengthen the nervous system.
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