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What if you could care for your family, but not at your own expense?





A virtual course for overwhelmed & exhausted mamas craving more

calm, balance, and energy.  

Inside Mama Medicine, you'll get everything you need to radically transform the way you nourish yourself so you can feel like your vibrant self again.

Join today — doors close soon!




You want more peace, calm, and ease.

You need to create more balance in your day — so you're not so damn depleted and drained.

You have so much on your plate that taking care of yourself just feels like another chore.

You're over googling #momhacks that never stick, you need a tried & true plan for replenishing your reserves.


You're tired of feeling cranky, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

You wish there was a simple & sustainable way to nourish yourself so you can feel like your vibrant self again.


  • There was a way to care for your family, but not at your own expense...

  • There was a way to create simple & sustainable rituals that restored and nourished you...

  • You could finally have the deep restful sleep you need...

  • You could actually have the energy to run after your kids, have hot sex with your partner, and do the things you love most... 

  • You could feel calm and grounded, parenting with patience and presence (even after your kid dumps the legos on the ground for the 8th time that morning)...

  • You could strengthen your resiliency, so that when the next sleep regression or (insert next shit storm of 2021 here) hits, you have greater capacity & bandwidth ... 

  • You might even find time to enjoy a sip of coffee or tea while it's hot every once in a while! 

  • You could have all of the above with an enjoyable, repeatable, sustainable process that helps you feel like your vibrant self again


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Join today!

Doors are closing on Fri 4/9



Basically, this is for you if...


  • You want more calm, energy, and balance so you can feel like your vibrant self again.

  • You're wearing so many hats these days -- mom, teacher, chef, partner... that you can't even remember the last time you had a moment to connect with yourself.

  • You're tired of feeling so damn drained, which is taking a toll on your mood, sleep, energy, relationships, and parenting.

  • You crave more moments of joy, peace, and laughter with your family.

  • Your IG feed is full of #momhacks & #motivationalmonday quotes, but the tips and tricks you’ve picked up don’t ever seem to stick.

  • You believe in holistic wellness, but after googling natural remedies you're overwhelmed with all the options and don't know where to start.

  • You've signed up for a free challenge, taken a few online yoga classes, given acupuncture a try, but you’re not noticing much of a difference.

  • You want an easy, simple & holistic system to replenish your reserves (and actually keep em full!) in four weeks.

On the flip-side...

This is not for you if...


  • You’re looking for a magic pill.


  • You prefer to DIY & #momhack it, rather than get real, actionable strategy from experts.


  • You’re not interested in changing or evolving.  


  • You're fine feeling drained, stressed & overwhelmed.

When I started working with Beth I felt completely chaotic, like I was unable to take care of my basic needs: eating, drinking, sleeping. Working with Beth was the encouragement I needed to begin prioritizing healthy practices that have now become routine. The support is very powerful. Now I have a go-to protocol for getting back on track during a chaotic time.

As a busy mom battling a chronic health condition, I felt overwhelmed when it came to prioritizing my wellbeing. Beth deftly zeroed in on critical deficiencies that were holding me back from feeling my best. Her individualized action plan was easy to follow and adopt into my daily life, and I quickly saw how much better my days were when I was taking care of the basics.

I wholeheartedly recommend Beth’s practice to everyone! She’s more than an herbalist, she has been a great life coach for me. My energy has increased while my body pain has decreased. I feel a level of joy I haven’t felt in my life because my body is now aligned with my mind.



I'm a Clinical Western Herbalist, mama, and educator, and I'm passionate about helping exhausted mamas rebuild their energy, have more balance, and access calm so they can feel like their full vibrant selves. 


I'm a lover of dark chocolate, my happy place is under the redwoods, and you can often find me throwing on a tutu and dancing to My Little Pony with my two little girls. 


One of my greatest joys is helping mamas transform the way they tend to themselves so they can parent with presence & patience, feel more grounded, and have the energy to do the things they love

You can learn more about my work at



I wanted to create a course where I taught my holistic framework— the same one that allowed me to replenish my reserves post-partum. I wanted to help more women radically transform the way they nourished themselves.


And I wanted to help them achieve that in a simple, busy-parent approved, more reliable & sustainable way.


I firmly believe that nurturing yourself is a must in motherhood.


Because when mama’s happy & healthy, so is your family.

And I knew I wanted to give mamas the tools and systems to turn this sentiment into a reality.



In this virtual course, you’ll learn how to transform the way you nourish yourself by replenishing the core foundation of your well-being through holistic herbal medicine. 


This includes working deeply with plants for healing, learning about your mind, body, heart, and spirit so you can make empowered decisions, release old habits that are no longer working, and create new rituals and lifestyle changes that radically shift the way you show up for yourself.


You’ll receive a potent and magical package of herbs to work with during the program. Each week you’ll deepen your connection and understanding of herbal medicine by working with one specific plant while putting into practice that week's lesson.


Here's what's included:



Begin by seeding & defining your vision using my signature S.E.E.D Self-Assessment Tool. Get clear on what you need most, identify what's holding you back, and set intentions for what you'll achieve in Mama Medicine. 


Then, we cover the 3 Mindset Shifts you gotta make to help you go from feeling drained to sustaining calm, peace, and balance. 

Finally, you'll begin using my signature Daily Pause Protocol and tap into your wise intuitive self.



In Module 1, you'll discover how to work with the plants using my Herbal How-to Guide. I'll show you how to incorporate herbal medicine into your daily life with ease, confidence, and joy. 


Next, we cover sourcing best practices so you know what to look for, what to avoid, how to read labels, and my personal recommended brands. 


And because herbal medicine is about being in relationship with the earth, you'll learn about working with plants from a regenerative lens, with an emphasis on ethical, sustainable, and culturally appropriate use. 


It's like having an herbalist in your pocket!



Your nervous system is chronically overloaded and needs some TLC.  


In module 2 you'll learn my Stress-Less Method to soothe your nervous system. Deepen your understanding of what’s happening in the body so you can make wise empowered decisions during stressful moments. 

Next, learn how to work with calming and supporting nervines (a category of plants) to nourish your nervous system and create more calm.



Sleep is the foundation of well-being.   


In module 3 you'll focus on holistic strategies for getting more restful sleep using my Sweet Sleep System. Create rituals, rhythms, and routines so you can fall asleep with ease and wake up actually feeling rested. 


And because the early years of parenting are filled with interrupted sleep, you'll learn my method for Managing Midnite Wakings to help you feel clear-headed and sane, even after a night of crappy sleep (hello sleep regression + teething).   


Next, learn how to work with plants to support deep soothing sleep and the Pulse Dosing Strategy for falling asleep faster.  




Patch up your boundaries and free up valuable time, energy, and space to focus on the things that light you up. 


In module 4, you'll practice reclaiming and protect your peace using my Build Better Boundaries Framework


Then you'll learn how to work with flower essences and spirit medicine to provide protection and support your boundary work. 




Rebuild your vitality in a way that sustains you instead of drains you. In module 5 you'll learn my More Mojo Mama Method so you can more energy to do the things you love.  


Next, learn how to work with herbal adaptogens to increase your capacity and resiliency to handle whatever life throws at you next. 

Now that you've replenished your reserves you're ready to create a kick-ass plan for sustaining your transformation using my signature R.O.O.T Care Plan.


Doors are closing 4/9

Are you in?


“One of the most powerful aspects of working with Beth is the space she holds during the sessions. Talking about one’s mind, body and spirit can be heavy, and I was struck by how supported, seen, and nurtured I felt. Through careful and skillful inquiry, Beth discovered patterns and gaps in my health and self-care routines that were blind spots for me. Her guidance not only set me on a better path, but also empowered me to carry on these practices myself once our sessions were completed.”

“Beth helped me be more aware of how I'm feeling, what affects my emotional & physical self, and led me to see what actions I needed to take to feel happy. She helped me see I needed a change at work. I took the leap and went from a job I was at for 11 years and landed a new position that matches my skill set, where I no longer feel undervalued.”

“Thank you for offering your online workshop. I learned a lot about how to use different herbs, mindfulness practices, and adjust daily routines to better regulate my nervous system and nurture my body. Just listening to you and being a part of this workshop was a big shift in that mindset for me. So far, I have loved and learned a lot at every single workshop you have offered. Looking forward to more!

5 modules of instruction

Bonus courses & teachings

Fillable worksheets & action plans

Lifetime access to course content

Access to all updates

Weekly skill building assignments



When you invest in Mama Medicine today you'll receive

over $4500 in total value to help you have more calm,

more balance, and more ease, including:  




My most useful reflection tool for identifying obstacles and seeding intentions, so you begin with clarity and alignment.

($200 value)



A course within a course. Everything you need to know to incorporate herbal into your day-to-day with ease & confidence.

($1000 value)



A road map for actually sustaining and replenishing your reserves long after you've completed Mama Medicine. 


($200 value) 



Learn to craft your own healing, delicious & potent tea blends saving you major $$$ and time.

($250 value)


An invaluable system for getting more of the sleep you crave.

($1000 value)


A framework for patching up your boundaries & protecting your peace. 


($500 value) 

A total value of over $4,500


Enroll today for just




We'll get started on Mon 4/12

You’ll begin receiving 1 new module a week.

That means each week you'll get to layer in a new strategy to nourish & replenish your reserves.

You'll have lifetime access to the content in case you miss a week or want to revisit. 







Bonus Tea Blending Workshop

Release Date: Mon April 12th

Release Date: Mon April 19th

Release Date: Mon April 26th

Release Date: Mon May 3rd

Release Date: Mon May 10th

Release Date: Mon May 17th


When does the course begin & end?


We begin on Mon April 12th. You’ll receive one new module a week, so you know exactly what to focus on and won’t get overwhelmed with too much content. You’ll receive the last module on May 10th (and a bonus tea blending course 5/17!). If you miss a week or want to go at a different pace you’ll have lifetime access to all the content, so you can revisit at your own pace. 


What format is the course delivered in?


The course includes lessons in both video and audio format. This way you can listen and learn while doing dishes or running errands. You choose whichever format suits you best. You’ll also receive printable handouts, action guides, recipes, and more.

How long will it take me to complete the course?


The bones of Mama Medicine is my 4-part framework, which I show you how to implement over the course of four weeks. 


How quickly will I start feeling like superwoman?


This course is not about superficial solutions. It's about laying the groundwork for transforming the way you nourish yourself. When you watch and implement the lessons each week you’ll notice results immediately. Each module builds upon the foundation you are building, so while you’ll start seeing noticeable changes in the first week, you will be amazed at how you feel at the end!   


I've got so much on my plate. How much time will I actually need to set aside for Mama Medicine? 


I hear ya! And I hate when people market their super simple 5-min thingamabob and it ends up taking me hours. 


So let me break it down for you. 


Each module has 1-3 lessons, each about 30 minutes long. Each week you’ll focus on implementing that week's specific system into your daily rituals & routines. There's no 2-hour daily morning practice or complicated 9-step plan to follow before each meal. I show you how to easily incorporate them into your day in little to no time. 


Let’s estimate you spend 5-15 minutes a day implementing the tools you learn. So to summarize, if you can commit to as little as 1 hour a week to watch the lessons and 5-minutes a day to implement you can commit to Mama Medicine! 



How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access! This means you can go back, watch, and implement at any time.



I'm brand new to Herbal Medicine. Is the course for me?

YES! No previous experience working with herbs is necessary. Although, if you're already working with them this is still for you! You'll learn not just what herbs to work with, but how to source them, prepare them, and work with plants safely & effectively.


Wait a minute.. Didn’t you offer something called Mama Medicine last fall?

I did, thanks for noticing! It was incredible and I wanted to share it with even more women.

So I turned it into an online format so folks can commit without having to clear their calendar.


Is there a refund policy?


Since this is a digital self-paced course, there are no refunds offered after purchase.



I've got a question, who should I contact?


For any other questions, you can reach me directly at



You've got two options:

Continue spending more time (that you don't have) trying to figure out how you can balance it all on your own...


Or, finally have a proven system for nourishing yourself with less overwhelm and more ease. 


Imagine where you could be just one month from now.


You're ready to replenish your reserves. 

You're ready to stop feeling so damn drained all the time.

You're ready to have the energy to do the things you love. 

You're ready for a simple system to create more calm, peace & balance.

You're ready to feel like your vibrant joyful self again.

You're ready for Mama Medicine!

Doors close 4/9

I know firsthand that nourishing yourself is a must in motherhood. 


Once I learned how to tend to my own roots I felt more of the balance I was yearning for. More calm, peace, and resiliency, even among the chaos of motherhood. More presence and patience in my parenting.


And I realized I had more energy to do the things I love. Like having dance parties with my kids, or going on long walks in the woods, or staying up past my bed-time so I could have hot sex with my partner. 


Mama, I want that for you. And I’d love to share with you my simple & sustainable system for nourishing yourself at your core.


Let’s get started transforming the way you tend to yourself, shall we?


Join Now, Doors Close Fri 4/9

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