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A 6-week herbal wellness package for overwhelmed mamas

who want a clear plan for creating sustainable self-care practices

so they can feel calm and have more energy.

Pushing through the day without stopping to rest. Feeling overwhelmed as your to-do list continues to build. Snapping all too quickly at the kids because you're needs aren't being met. 

Does this sounds like you mama?  


The demands on your time are constant, and you're pulled in a million different directions.


There's just no breathing room left.


You know you NEED to start prioritizing caring for yourself too. But self-care feels like one more thing heaped on your plate.




  • You feel depleted and you know something NEEDS to change, but you feel stuck and unsure about how to get going.

  • You're juggling so many damn roles (parenting, distant learning, working from home, being a supportive partner) and you worry that you're not actually doing any of them very well.

  • You're struggling to be present & enjoy this time with your kids because you’re so exhausted all the time.

  • You're ready to replenish your reserves and have more energy so you can start feeling like yourself again.

  • You're so over googling #momhacks and want 1-1 support that’s actually meant for YOU and your specific needs.


  • You believe in holistic wellness & curious about herbal medicine but don’t have time to research how to work with them. 

"When I started working with Beth I felt completely chaotic, like I was unable to take care of my basic needs: eating, drinking, sleeping. Working with Beth was the encouragement I needed to begin prioritizing healthy practices that have now become routine. The support is very powerful. Now I have a go-to protocol for getting back on track during a chaotic time."

Image by Melissa Askew
Image by Chris de Tempe


You, mama, are the foundation, you are at the center.


It’s why whenever you try to go pee your baby, toddler, dog & partner end up following you into the damn bathroom.


I believe you CAN care for your family, but not at your own expense.


Because remember, when mamas happy and healthy, so is your family. 

So are you ready to say goodbye to #momguilt & "shoulding" on yourself.


What if instead you gave yourself the permission you innately deserve?


Permission to nurture and tend to your reserves. Permission to spend time, money and resources on yourself. 

If you're ready, than I'm here to support you.

I can help you:


  • Start your day feeling rested, centered, and grounded after (finally) getting a good night’s sleep.

  • Have more bandwidth so you can parent with patience, presence, and compassion, instead of losing it when your kid dumps out all the legos. 

  • Have more energy to laugh, smile, and actually play with your little one. 

  • Create a kick-ass plan so you can function at your best, even while navigating parenting during the pandemic.

  • Hold healthy boundaries so you can nurture and care for your family, but not at your own expense.


If this sounds AMAZING keep on reading for the details.




3 sessions / 6-weeks of 1:1 support


  • A pre-session questionnaire & assessment to capture the big picture of your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

  • A powerful 60-min holistic intake session to dig into your vision, health history, and to help me understand what you’re uniquely experiencing. 

  • A clear & concise herbal protocol and action guide so you know the exact steps you need to take to move you toward your vision.

  • 2 magical packages of herbal remedies custom formulated just for you! This might include tinctures, teas, oils or flower essences. All medicine is hand-blended with love and expertise from my apothecary of organic herbs.

  • 2 follow-up sessions to discuss your celebrations, challenges, next steps and fine-tune your herbal protocol.

  • An herbalist at your fingertips! You’ll have email access to me for support & accountability. 

  • Sessions take place over the phone for everyone’s convenience.

Mama, you deserve this!


" I wholeheartedly recommend Beth’s practice to everyone! She’s more than an herbalist, she has been a great life coach for me. My energy has increased while my body pain has decreased. I feel a level of joy I haven’t felt in my life because my body is now aligned with my mind. "



You took some major steps forward carving out time for yourself during the Mama Needs a Minute Challenge / MASTER CLASS.


So how are you going to keep the momentum going? 

It helps when you have a clear plan with simple steps, so you don't get overwhelmed and stuck endlessly scrolling for #momhacks.


And that (and SO much more) is exactly what you get with REVIVE. 

Normally REVIVE is $500. But I really want you to continue the work you started during the Mama Needs a Minute Challenge.


With REVIVE you get my 1:1 support, built in accountability, my maternal wellness expertise, a custom tailored action plan and personally formulated herbal medicine. It's the motherload of support!

You can get all of these things for just $400 when you sign up by X.

So if you’re ready to have more energy, feel present and create more balance sign up today. 



" Beth helped me ease an ongoing struggle I have with insomnia. She looked at many factors in my day-to-day life and provided tinctures and teas that gave me overall support. The entire experience was delightful and educating. I would recommend Beth's service to anyone who needs a new perspective improving their health in a holistic way. "

" Beth guided me to see and understand the root of my pain and the stressors in life. She showed me how to acknowledge my stressors when they are happening in the moment and provided me with tools and different ways to incorporate herbal medicine into my life to aid me when they are happening. "




Beth Sachnoff, of Wild Child Apothecary, is an herbalist, educator and mama to two spirited little girls.


After a not so pretty case of post-partum exhaustion, Beth turned to the plants to support her in slowing down, nourishing her fried nervous system and getting to the root cause of why she kept burning out.


Now Beth help's sleep-deprived mama's replenish their reserves so they can have more energy, be more present and finally feel like themselves again through 1:1 herbal wellness programs & group classes.

Trained as clinical western herbalist, Beth believes in the healing and transformative magic of slow plant medicine and the wise way's of our bodies.  

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