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I'm an herbalist, educator and mama to two little girls. I help exhausted mamas say goodbye to the cycle of burn-out and teach them how to rebuild their energy, find balance and feel present. 



As a mama, do-gooder, recovering people pleaser and former non-profit professional, I know burn-out well.


I have an innate gift and a passion for nurturing and supporting people, and I turned it into a career. First working with high school students and, later, by coaching staff.


I felt so inspired and fulfilled doing this work that I threw my whole heart into it.


But eventually tending to so many hearts started to take an emotional toll.


I’d bring home the tears, the trauma and the pain that comes with caring for youth and mentoring staff. Add in long days, overnight commitments and low pay and you have a recipe for burn-out.


Overwhelmed, exhausted, sick and burnt-out, I’d get to the end of my rope and finally take a break. But then I’d be back at it again, continuing the same unstainable habits and patterns.


Nothing could have prepared me for how life altering

it would be.


I struggled to balance the never-ending demands of motherhood.


I dreaded my three-hour commute to work and felt guilty about missing out on time with my baby.


I was heartbroken and disappointed when I wasn’t able to breastfeed, so I drove myself crazy pumping and constantly worrying about milk supply.


And all of a sudden my professional career felt emotionally draining, exhausting and uninspiring.

Something had to give. I couldn’t keep it all afloat. 


beth baby amber_edited.jpg

So I slowed down.


I decided it was my time for nourishing myself in the same way I cared for all those around me.


I took stock of what I truly needed to build a strong foundation. And I reflected on the habits that kept leading me down the road to burn out.

Working with a physical therapist I started a 10-month long slow process to heal my pelvic floor (which I had ignored for months postpartum).

After a year of sleep deprivation, chronic stress and anxiety my nerves were fried.


So I turned to the plants to sooth and strengthen my nervous system and to calm and clear the mind-chatter that was keeping me up at night. Plants like milky oats, reishi, lemon balm, skullcap and nettle.

And then I did something terrifying. 

I quit my job and decided not to return to the nonprofit world. For someone who had been on a straight and narrow career path this felt big and scary. 

Instead I was going to follow my passion and calling

working with people and plants.

Plant love

My connection and love for the plants and nature has always been part of my life. 


Growing up my mom would take my brother and me on trips to Yosemite, to sleep under the stars and the pine trees. She tended to her garden with dedication and grew fresh herbs and vegetables to flavor our meals.


Even as a kid I recognized connecting with plants and nature was a restorative act. I saw the way it calmed, soothed and relaxed tension and anxiety. 

One day my curiosity and interest in the plants led me to a class on herbs for colds and flu. This spark of curiosity blossomed into a full blown passion that took over every nook and cranny of my tiny one bedroom apartment.

In 2014 I decided this passion deserved to be explored. So I enrolled in a three year clinical western herbalism program and have been nerding out on the healing powers of plants ever since.

A new plan had emerged.

I would combine my natural gifts and 10 years experience nurturing, supporting and coaching people with my knowledge, training, love and deep belief in the plants and their ability to help us heal from burn-out.

So now I help mamas who are utterly exhausted and overwhelmed, slow down, stop over-giving, replenish their nervous system and end the cycle of burnout so they can feel energized, balanced and present.

As a mama of two I strive to practice what I preach. 

I ditched my never ending to-do list for a daily practice of focusing on one goal or task. I celebrate the small wins, like five minutes to myself to breathe and just be. And I work with the plants daily in the form of healing teas, medicinal broths, potent tinctures or simply connecting with nature.

You can find me in the kitchen concocting new potions and herbal remedies, strolling through the redwoods with my baby in an ergo and playing dress up with my three year old.


Learn how to ditch over-giving and get to the root cause of why you’re always so exhausted and overwhelmed. 

You CAN create more balance in your life and feel more present with your family at the end of the day. 

Want to learn how?

Check out what working with me is all about.



  • Clinical Western Herbalist, Ancestral Apothecary & Ohlone Herbal Center

  • Certified Career Development Facilitator

  • 10 years experience in the non-profit sector, designing programs, coaching staff, leading teams, writing curriculum, facilitating workshops and working with youth

  • B.A., Community Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz


Thank you to my teachers and mentors who have inspired me along the way. Atava Garcia Swiecicki (Ancestral Apothecary), Tracey Brieger, Elokin Orton-Cheung, Krista Herbe, Madeleina Bolduc & Liz Migliorelli.


And thank you to the fairy godmother of western herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar, whose books first piqued my curiosity and brought me to this path. 



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